Stop Buying Tomatoes. Use These 4 Smart Methods To Grow An Endless Supply

Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient in many dishes, and growing them can save money and offer better flavor. While planting tomato seedlings is the usual way to start a new harvest, there are other ways to ensure a constant supply of this fruit.

One method is burying tomato slices in potting soil in a container until the seeds germinate. Several tomato slices with many seeds are laid on top of the soil and buried to keep them from sprouting. After one to two weeks, 60 seedlings may grow in one container, and the top four or five plants are chosen and transplanted to another container.

Another way to grow tomatoes is to plant them directly in the ground, which can increase the harvest significantly. However, precautions should be taken to prevent deer and rabbits from eating the plants.

For those with limited space, tomatoes can be grown successfully in a window box, provided the plant is supported by a string trellis drilled into the wall. Using smaller tomato varieties is recommended. A hanging basket is another option, but it requires more watering than a standard container.

Growing tomatoes can be an enjoyable experience and a way to save money while enjoying their delicious flavor. Whether in a large yard or a small window box, there is a way for anyone to try their hand at tomato gardening.

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