Valerie Bertinelli Openly Discloses Her Experience of Being Criticized for Her Appearance

Valerie Bertinelli recently shared her experience of being criticized for her appearance and the emotional impact it had on her. In a video posted on Instagram, she explained that the sound of her pants rubbing together was causing her to giggle. She revealed that she had stopped wearing those pants because an ex used to mock her for the noise, attributing it to her laziness and weight.

Bertinelli further clarified that the term “hidden bruises” refers to the emotional, verbal, and mental abuse that leaves scars that are not visible to others. She shared that she has been working on healing from those wounds and finding freedom from the pain they caused. By putting those pants away and being able to laugh at the sound now, she sees it as a sign of progress in her healing journey.

Despite her initial hesitation, Bertinelli decided to share the video to encourage others who may have experienced similar emotional scars. She expressed her hope that others would feel heard and find inspiration in her story. The comments on her video were overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing support and admiration for her strength.

Bertinelli’s openness about her “hidden bruises” resonated with many people, as healing is not always a linear process. The concept of emotional wounds and the impact of negative comments struck a chord with her followers, who praised her courage and resilience.

In conclusion, Bertinelli’s video sheds light on the emotional scars caused by criticism and the importance of healing and moving forward. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for those who can relate to her experiences and reminds us to be compassionate towards others who may be dealing with their own “hidden bruises.”

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