Her Belly Was Getting Bigger And Bigger, Doctors Were Shocked When They Saw What Came Out

Alison Fisher, a 20-year-old woman, suffered in silence for a long time before finally seeking medical help. In 2020, she experienced stomach pain and irregularities in her monthly cycle, which lasted for a year. Despite her discomfort, Alison avoided going to the doctor because of previous experiences where her weight became the focus of attention. As her condition worsened, she noticed a bulge in her abdomen, and her stomach became rock hard. It became increasingly difficult for her to perform daily activities, and she couldn’t even lay on her stomach.

Eventually, around Christmas 2022, the mass made it difficult for Alison to breathe, and she finally went to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with a 104-lb. ovarian cyst filled with approximately 46 liters of fluid. Dr. Martin Martino, a gynecologic oncologist, and his team decided that the cyst needed to be removed surgically. The procedure involved robotic technology and required the expertise of respiratory and cardiac specialists.

During the surgery, the team discovered that Alison’s left ovary was twisted three times, but they managed to untwist it and preserve her future fertility. The gigantic cyst was successfully removed, giving Alison a “second chance” at life. She expressed her joy at being able to see her feet again, feeling lighter, and being able to do everyday activities. Alison is now in the beginning stages of weight-loss surgery and is excited about what the future holds for her.

Alison’s story highlights the fear that many people, especially those who are larger in size, have when it comes to seeking medical help. She encourages others not to let their weight hold them back from taking care of their health. Ovarian cysts are common and often harmless, but it is essential to prioritize one’s well-being. Alison’s experience serves as a reminder to everyone to listen to their bodies and seek medical attention when needed.

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