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Travis Scott Addresses Cheating Scandal in Series of Instagram Stories: “I Don’t Know This Person”

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship has been talked about lately and the reason for this is Travis. Rumors of his betrayal of Kylie have been circulating in the pink media for years.

But the new details are making their story more interesting. In 2019, there was talk of a relationship between Travis Scott and the beautiful model Rojean Kar. She was a perfect girl and every man is amazed by her beauty. This may have affected Travis as well.

But this was opposed by both. In 2019, Travis and Kylie broke off their relationship. Over the years, it seems that the suspicious voices died down. But it didn’t take more than a video posted by Rojean Kar to reawaken doubts. She decided to post in the story one day after her filming, but Travis also stood on the set.

This video confused all the people, especially those who believed that there is no connection between them. But Travis has decided to react to this situation. He also posted a statement in the story saying that this was a video posted secretly and without permission. According to him, he was on the work set, which is a private environment where not everyone can film and post it on social media.

However, it took that long for all the suspicions of betrayal to return. He also stated that he does not know Kar and has had no relationship with him. He wants to be calm and happy with his family. Therefore, he asks everyone to stop these rumors that are not true. Travis seems to be very upset by this fake news and wants to put an end to it once and for all.

He denies having had a relationship with Kar, but Kar does not accept such a thing. She has posted again in the story, saying that everything that Travis has stated is a lie. She posted a video where she says that during this time she did what others wanted her to do and posted what she should have posted.

“But now I will not continue with such a game.” She claims that she knows Travis and that he was lying all this time. He responded again to Kar’s statements with a photo from Valentine’s Day.

Kar says that he worked for 8 years with Travis and declares that he cheated Kylie, but Scott never accepts such a thing. He continues to say that he does not know Kar.

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