Tom Selleck’s Daughter, Hannah, Is All Grown Up And Is A Real Beauty

Do you remember the actor Tom Selleck and his fantastic role in the famous series Magnum P.I.? he is known for his experience in the world of acting, but not only.

He is also known for his hobbies and his family life. Tom is a successful actor and a devoted father. For the next few years, he had a wonderful career in the role of Thomas Magnum.

His fans are very satisfied with the actions and characteristics of Tom Selleck. But those who know him closely say for sure that he is a friend and a wonderful person.

This is what his family also knew. He has a small family and gives a lot of love to his wife and daughter-in-law. He married Jillie Mack in 1987 and together they were blessed with their daughter Hannah. Today, Hannah is an adult and successful young lady in many fields.

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But apparently, she has an affair with her father. She shares the same passion as her father, horses. She loves horses very much and for years she learned to become a professional rider.

Tom Selleck’s daughter, Hannah Selleck now

Today Hannah is 32 years old and is her father’s best friend and supporter.

Tom also helped Hannah to follow her dreams. Some horses are taken to their home. The Selleck family lived on a large farm and Hannah made the most of the golden opportunity to ride.

She is an excellent rider. Hannah has won many national and international awards in horse racing. But she is also a successful student. Hannah also tried to experiment by participating in the modeling world. She became a popular and successful model.

Her father became the biggest support she had. However, her heart was always connected to horses. Therefore, she decided to return to horse racing. Below you will find one of her most successful videos shooting a fashion clip.

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