Actress Who Played Rizzo in ‘Grease’ Comes Out of Hiding After 20 Years And Looks Unrecognizable

Stockard Channing once excelled in “Grease” but today he turns 79 years old. After 20 years in the important role, she is not recognized at all in the photo. Grease attracted everyone’s attention for a long time. This became one of the most successful musicals of all time.

Danny and Sandy were a phenomenon for all young people who loved this show. Many young people began to learn about this film’s dancing. This film brought many parts of the life of the American youth and this was one of the reasons why it gained many fans from different countries of the world.

Also, the release of the song “Hopelessly Devoted to You” greatly influenced the film. The song performed by Newton-John was nominated for an Oscar. But another important element is Rizzo, who was played by the well-known actress Stockard Channing.

Today she celebrates her 79th birthday and looks very different from when she was part of Grease. She appeared in the West End Apologia last time and no one could tell that she was once Rizzo. No one can believe how much the Grease actress has changed. According to her, many people are still obsessed with Grease and this is unimaginable.

Many people are surprised by the new facial features of the actress. People even comment on social media about the fact that the actress may have had plastic surgery procedures. Not only her fans but many followers of Grease have been surprised by the latest images of the actress.

On social media, there were comments such as “What has he done to her face?”, “She can hardly speak”, “She looks scary”, etc. Many people have talked about plastic surgery and she was an attractive woman. She thinks that it is not a shame to look 73 years old and have wrinkles on your face.

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