To Encircle His Home, A Man Spends $8300 On 400 Feet of Plastic

Randy Wagner, a resident of Texas, spent $8,300 to buy 400 feet of plastic material to protect his property from potential flood damage during hurricane season. Despite objections from his neighbors, Randy built a 400-foot-long barrier around his land that helped shield his house from flood waters during the rainy season, sparing him from potential losses of up to $150,000.

In order to prepare for a hurricane, it is important to know evacuation routes and plan for shelter, as well as pack an emergency kit with necessary supplies. It is crucial to follow evacuation orders and have a plan for staying at home with enough food and water in case of power or water loss. Pruning tree branches, clearing gutters, and installing hurricane-proof shutters can also help protect your home from potential damage.

When a hurricane is imminent, it is important to stay informed and have a reliable communication channel, such as text messages or emails, and to ensure that your emergency kit is well-stocked. In the 6-18 hour window before the storm hits, remove or secure any outdoor items, board up windows, and stay aware of any weather updates or emergency bulletins.

After the storm, exercise caution when returning home and do not walk or drive across floodwaters, as they can be dangerous and contain debris and electric currents. Take photos of any damage for insurance purposes.

This year’s hurricane season has been devastating for many, and it is important to remain mindful of potential dangers and to offer support to those affected by the storms.

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