Titanic II to Set Sail Retracing the Original Route

Titanic II begins its journey. A model of Titanic II is being built in China and it will be as big as the real Titanic. This will be a historic and important moment, as everyone is aware of the fate of the Titanic passengers. Although this was expected to be a powerful ship in 1912, it collided with a very large iceberg, which caused the ship to sink and many lives lost.

Almost everyone knows the wonderful film Titanic touched hearts with the love story that takes place in the film. The film deals with the subject of the accident of the giant ship and its flooding. Another detail is also described in the film when talking about the festive atmosphere on the ship.

Titanic II will be just as intriguing as the real Titanic. It will leave Dubai soon and attend a two-week tour. The legendary ship Titanic was hit at midnight by a huge iceberg and this could have been avoided. This iceberg damaged the ship and caused it to sink for about 3 hours.

Although there were about 2300 passengers on the ship, only 705 managed to be saved. A lot of work had been done on this ship and its builders had used the best materials, starting with the metal used.
However, the new version will be many times more sophisticated and stronger.

In the legendary ship Titanic, after the crash with the iceberg, the water broke the walls and its metal was severely damaged.

In Titanic II, all the elements that can be fixed by the real Titanic have been evaluated. This event will attract many tourists and the attention of the media all over the world.

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