12,000-Year-Old Massive Underground Tunnels Are Real And Stretch From Scotland To Turkey

These scary and very large tunnels have been discovered in Scotland and are a gateway to ancient times. These tunnels are very large and long and reach as far as Turkey according to the researchers. But for these tunnels, the researchers have not yet finished their research and say that they have a lot to discover about them.

Dr. Henrich Kusch has spoken in his book about these tunnels, saying that a great story is hidden behind them.
According to him, these tunnels are “Secrets of the underground door in an ancient world”

These tunnels have survived time for a long time and are very high. Some hypotheses that are thrown around these tunnels are the ideas that they can be used in the form of highways, to affect different countries in Europe. The tunnels consist of many chambers and can connect the north of Scotland with the Mediterranean countries.

This is a sophisticated underground network that will be very useful if used by people and vehicles. Dr. Henrich says that a large part of this tunnel has been found in Germany and Austria. Although these tunnels are not connected, they have the same source because they are in an underground network.

Many researchers think that these tunnels were used as transport routes in ancient times. Dr. When Henrich writes in his book about these tunnels, he says that these tunnels may be related to pagan heritage. It is important to say that these tunnels are a great asset and affect several countries in Europe.

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