Tim Allen Responds to Pamela Anderson’s Accusation Against Him

Pamela Anderson got everyone’s attention with the latest news she published about her book. According to the well-known newspaper USA Today, this book will summarize all the most important memories of Anderson.

She is best known for her role in Baywatch but has also played in many other films.
Her book has not yet been published, but everyone is curious to know Anderson’s life and thoughts. The actress has revealed some of the moments of the shooting of popular films in which she has participated.

She has also spoken about the film Lisa The Tool Time Girl, where she collaborated with Tim Allen. She says that there she realized that she would be very famous and she liked it. In the book, she talked about filming in this role. During this period, she was 23 years old and tells how Tim had seen her half-naked the day before the filming.

Many people did not like Tim Allen’s behavior and criticized him. So Tim has decided to give a recent statement to his representatives. He denies this accusation and says that he would never do such a thing. This documentary will be published on January 31.

The actress also spoke about the popular series Pam and Tommy. Anderson says that this documentary gives her nightmares. She has also stated that she has never seen the tape and you will not be able to watch it. She also denied having made a “sex tape” with her husband Tommy Lee. According to her, the creator of this series should have received permission before making it. Also, she has not yet answered Allen’s statement.

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