This Woman Really Had To Pass Gas, So She Did This When Her Husband Left The Room

During lunch at work, I just ate 3 plates of beans. (I indeed shouldn’t have done that). When I got home after work, my husband was really excited to see me and said, ‘darling I have a surprise dinner tonight.’

He blindfolded me it led me to the dinner table. When I was about to remove my blindfold, his phone rang. The beans I consumed at work were giving me pressure and it was becoming unbearable, so as my husband was out of the room, I let one go.

It wasn’t only loud, but it smelled like a garbage dump. I took a napkin and fanned the air around me, then ripped off three more as I couldn’t stand the pressure.

The stink was unbearable and worse than cooked cabbage. After that, I went on to release atomic bombs for a few minutes. The relief was indescribable!

I kept my ears tuned to the conversation of my husband in the other room, and it was just ending my freedom, so I fanned a couple of times the air with my napkin and folded it on my lap.

I was making an innocent face when my husband returned and apologized for taking so long.

At that point, he removed my blindfold, and I saw twelve dinner guests seated around the table with their hands to their noses singing ‘Happy Birthday!’

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