This Nice But Unfortunate Homeless Old Man, Was Walking The Streets Of New York Without A Place To Go When He Was Stopped By A Police Officer

Bobby is a homeless old man who was stopped by the police. He didn’t have a house to live in and slept on the streets of New York. He was recently stopped by police officer Aaron Page. Bobby was a nice and funny man. He was loving and kind to everyone.

Old Man

But unfortunately, he didn’t have a house to live in. He didn’t even have the opportunity to take care of his health. This was seen from his first appearance. It seemed that the old man had not cut his beard and hair for a long time.

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Old Man

He hadn’t even showered and couldn’t remember the last time he slept in a soft bed. So the policeman decided to help Bobby. The officer was initially very touched when Bobby only asked him for a warm shower. So the policeman took Bobby with him and wanted him to help him.

Old Man

In the photo, you can see Bobby who needed this change very much. Now he feels better about himself. He even removed his beard and cut his hair. Now Bobby looks a few years younger and cooler.

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Old Man

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