This House Looked Like It Was About To Fall Into Itself

This is the view of the house before it was reconstructed. Now it has a very beautiful appearance, moreover, it has preserved its original appearance. It was damaged and could collapse if it remained in that condition for a while.


But someone liked the architecture and the place where the house was located. So he decided to buy it and improve its condition. These are some of the views shortly before it was reconstructed.


Now it is in very good condition and looks very nice. The colors of the house have given life to its appearance. Its new owner has painted it green and orange. Now it has a very special look.

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Quality wood was used to reconstruct it. The floors are also made of wood. It has a large space inside. There are 5 bedrooms which makes the house even more special.


The sun’s rays enter the rooms of the house during the day, making it warmer.

In addition to the interior, the attic also has an important place.

The appearance it has been improved and now it looks many times more beautiful.

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