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The Tragic Life Of Desiree Anzalone, The Great-Granddaughter Of Desi Arnaz And Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball has been gone for more than three decades, but she is still recognized by fans all around the world.

She was considered the greatest comedy actress of the 1950s. Alongside her husband Desi Arnaz, they were a TV power couple.

Before being a household name on television, she was a well-known film actor and model. Her great-granddaughter looked just like her and continued the legacy of her beauty.

In 2020, Desiree Anzalone, 31 years old died in a tragic accident.

Lucille Ball had great success with ‘I Love Lucy’, which put her at the forefront of pop culture, the first sitcom shot in front of a live studio audience. Lucille ended both of her marriages in divorce and raised her kids on her own.

The birth of Desi Arnaz Jr. made a lot of noise and was reported widely on TV. Growing up as a child of a famous actress wasn’t easy.

He was subjected to pressure since he was little. So Desi had his first child at the age of 15 and around that time he was raised by Hollywood royalty and became very famous.

He dated Susan Callahan-Howe and had a daughter together. His daughter Julia never got the chance to meet her legendary grandma as she had passed away.

Julia says that her father became very close to Desiree Anzalone, the daughter of one of her friends. Desiree even stayed at Arnaz Jr.’s home for a while.

Desiree was a young and beautiful woman, who at the age of 25 was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She died in 2020. In the same year, Julia Arnaz’s mother passed away.

Julia Arnaz wanted to become an activist, after the death of her mother. She is focused on increasing access to mammograms in Connecticut. She encourages young ladies to get their checks as soon as possible.

Julia never stopped working and speaking about the topic in public.

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