The Latest News About Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond informed his fans in 2018 that he was suffering from an illness that was causing him a lot of pain. This news came on his 50th anniversary world tour.

The well-known singer is facing a difficult health condition and has been receiving specific treatment for a long time to overcome his illness. He suffers from Parkinson’s disease. This incurable disease affects the nervous system and negatively affects the life and daily routine of people who suffer from it.

The singer said that he is doing his best to recover, however, everyone knows that this disease is difficult and terrible. He said that he feels good and is trying every day more and more to feel happy. “I’m getting better every day.”

He showed that he tries to be positive and play music. After receiving the news that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Diamond began to follow the treatments which the doctor gave him.

He said that he feels lucky to have his family and the people he loves by his side. At the same time, he talked about his wife, whom he loved very much. “My dear wife and my friends are near me and that makes me feel even better.”

Diamond showed that he goes to the gym and never avoids daily physical activity. Even though he is old, he is very energetic and positive. According to him, the disease has made his voice more beautiful and now he likes his voice more when he sings.
He also spoke about his career.

Diamond is in love with music and started singing when he was little. Now he has more time to take care of himself and stay close to his family. Although he is doing his best to minimize the symptoms of this disease, he knows that this disease affects the patient’s health silently.

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