Man Shoots 820-Pound Creature In His Front Yard, Quickly Realizes What It Is

Wade Seago says that he has faced strange events in his home in the village of Samson, Alabama. Although this village is full of wild animals, he did not expect to find one in his backyard. Seago had a Schnauzer who is his friend for years.

His dog Cruser always bark when he saw people or different animals passing by the house. But according to Seago, one day he couldn’t stop barking. Anyway, Seago had thought it was something normal, which his dog might be scared of or want to play.

But a few minutes later, his daughter started screaming. Seago said he was taken and immediately looked out the window. He could not distinguish anything, so he went to the house’s back window.

He was shocked when he saw a hog near his house. Seago immediately ran to get his revolver, which he always kept at home. The hog was about 12 meters away from the house and nothing could stop it from entering.

He shot at the hog three times and it fell to the ground. This animal was very large and weighed about 820 pounds. The man admitted that he had never seen such a big hog before. There are many wild animals in Alabama, especially hogs.

These animals cause a lot of agricultural damage yearly because they eat plants, destroying their habitat. He said that he did not trust the meat of this animal and that he would not consume it.
Wild hogs are increasing in Alabama and this is the reason why no one is punished when they kill wild hogs that are on their property or damage it.

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