The Incredible Sacrifices Jeff Bridges Took to Make Sure He Could Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle

Jeff Bridges has recently had a difficult time due to his health condition. The actor was diagnosed with lymphoma and in addition, was infected with Covid 19. Things got worse when he underwent therapy. This procedure was long and tiring for him.

Although he followed all the necessary treatments, his health condition has not improved. Bridges could not even stand on his feet to move. He wanted his condition to improve. Especially when his daughter’s wedding was clese and he had to be her companion to the aisle.

But he found a smart and heart-touching solution at the same time. Bridges decided to work with a professional trainer during the period before his daughter’s wedding. So he thought it would be easier to fulfill his duty as the father of the bride. Even though he fought cancer for a long time, the actor found the motivation to make a great sacrifice.

His daughter would get married in August 2021 in California. They organized a beautiful wedding, but Hayley was afraid that this moment could be tiring and difficult for her father. Bridges worked tirelessly with the professional trainer and managed to walk his daughter down the aisle. He even dressed very nicely, and his appearance did not at all indicate that he had been ill during this period.

On the wedding day, the actor recalled the moments of his marriage with his beloved wife, Susan Geston in 1977. He said that he loves her on the first day. During the period of illness, the family stayed close to the actor and this made him feel better. Cancer is a terrible disease that destroys the human body. “This was a difficult period for me. But during these months I have gained a lot of love. “

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