The Boy Is Asked To Go To The Prom And Something Extraordinary Happens

We all know how important prom night is for teenagers. We can’t imagine how sad they are when they can’t take part in the most important evening where all their friends gather and have fun together remembering the best days of high school.

Before the prom night, boys and girls get ready and find the most beautiful clothes to look as beautiful as possible that night. This is the story of a boy with autism who wanted to go to graduation. But, his parents, even though they wanted their son to participate, were not convinced if they should allow this.

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They were afraid to leave their son alone and thought of the worst scenarios. But in the end, they managed to convince. Jon wanted to go with his friends to the prom night. So Maddie, a friend of Jon’s from a school club for children with special needs, decided to talk to Jon’s family. He knew very well what he would say to his parents.


Maddie showed them how important prom night is to a teenager. The parents were happy that their son had a good friend and finally allowed him to go to the prom night. Maddie wanted to wear clothes in the color that Jon liked.

So she wore an orange dress. This was an incomparable moment for Jon. Maddie and other friends wanted their friend to be at the prom night and have fun like all the other friends.

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