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Coco Austin Speaks Out After She’s Mom-Shamed Again For How She Decides to Bathe Her Daughter

Coco Austin shared a video on TikTok which received a lot of criticism. She had some quick advice for all mothers who were late for work, telling them to wash the children in the sink while they were getting ready.

According to her, this was a genius idea that would help all mothers when they were late for work. However, it is not the first time that Coco decided to give parenting advice. The last video in which she said that children can be washed in the sink was also criticized by many parents.

But we can say that washing children in the sink are a simple and easy technique that was not recommended the first time. This technique is used more for small babies who can be washed more simply in the sink than in the shower. But many people objected to washing the 6-year-old girl in the sink.

In the video, Coco Austin was washing her daughter in the sink, saying that this is easy when you don’t have time.

Many commentators indicated that they did not agree with these views at all. According to them, the girl was old enough to take a shower and Coco’s action is not justified. There were also mom commenters who considered Coco’s action wrong.

A mother wrote “The girl is too big to wash in the sink. She is now growing up and looking for her privacy.” Some also judged Coco’s parenting style. Coco has an answer for this. She feels disturbed and apologizes for posting this video. She did not expect that the video of her washing the girl in the sink would go viral and receive so many negative comments.

Coco has often shared parenting techniques; this is not the first time she has received criticism. However, this video exceeded all expectations and forced Coco to explain. Although for many people this video is unacceptable, Coco is very calm and feels very good with her daughter. Even her daughter Chanel feels good about the care she receives from her mother.

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