The Agony of Losing A Loved One When You Are A Child

When Sierra was a small child, her father passed away during his duty. This was a difficult period for the Officer’s family. Everyone knows how difficult it is for children to grow up without parents. Sometimes they feel the absence of their parents but do not express it. Children find it very difficult to adapt to life and live like all other children when they lack a parent.

Unfortunately, Sierra would grow up without her beloved father.
This pain is well understood by the families of policemen and officers who have lost their loved ones during their duty. This is devastating news for the policemen’s family. This officer died in the line of duty when he was trying to free a mother and her child from an armed man.

As soon as he heard the noise and screams of the woman who was asking for help, he entered immediately without thinking of the danger. Unfortunately, the policeman was shot and died at the scene.
His friends, colleagues, and family were very saddened, and the American state declared him a hero posthumously. Sierra could not grow up with her father. But she visits him often and sends him flowers from time to time.

She even chose to do a touching act for everyone. On the day of her graduation, Sierra and her boyfriend decided to stop by the graveyard. She wanted to greet her father on this important day for her. Her father’s colleagues also went with her, who did not want to leave their friend’s daughter alone.

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