Teen Mom’s Cheyenne Floyd Shot At 13 Times While Driving Her Young Children

Cheyenne Floyd was shot with a gun while there were children in her car. She was made famous by Teen Mom. Known for her role, she won the hearts of the public. In the last few days, her car was shot with a gun 13 times, and this traumatized her family. They were taking a car trip as usual but something unusual happened.

Cheyenne Floyd

Another well-known name in the world of television, Cheyenne’s fiance, Zach says that he was driving the car when Cheyenne asked him about something. Then he noticed a green light on his face. In front of him was a man who was holding a gun in his hand, pointing it at their car.

Cheyenne Floyd

But they were more surprised when they saw that the person carrying it was a man known to the couple. He shot the car 13 times and this damaged the condition of the car. They were very scared and tried to avoid it. The car collided with a Prius. They were afraid that they would die. For them, it is a miracle that they are alive.

Young children were traumatized by this event that happened to Cheyenne Floyd.

Their two children, a 5-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old and three-month-old girl, were very scared. But they were not hurt by this accident. This had not only terrified the family but also the people who were in that area. The police are also surprised by this whole story.

Cheyenne Floyd family

This story forced the couple to sue the perpetrator of this attack. They sent him to court and had hopes that he would receive the appropriate sentence. However, this story has remained a trauma in the mind of the couple. They could have been killed and no one would know what would happen to the children.

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