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Simple Farmer Stumbled Onto An Undiscovered Cave

One of the things that arouse people’s curiosity is unexplored places. These places make us experience a mix of feelings, emotions, and fears. In 1991, a farmer discovered a place that had not been explored before. This was a large cave in Phon Nha-Ke Bang Vietnam National Park.


This cave had not been entered before by tourists or researchers. He wanted to enter there but he did not dare.

When he was approaching the cave, he heard a great sound of water. It looked terrifying and was shrouded in darkness.


Afterward, the cave was visited by some British experts. But they didn’t think that this was that scary. It was another world, fantastic and indescribable.

The British team visited the cave in 2009. They discovered that it was 5 km long. And 150 meters wide.


A little while later and after many studies, British experts concluded that this was the largest in the world.

It has lakes, animals, and different plants inside it. In recent years, it has become an inevitable tourist attraction.


To enter the cave, you have to descend 80 meters with a rope. The view is fantastic and green and emerald landscapes can be seen everywhere. Many people visit it every year and are amazed by its beauty.


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