Teen Dies Only 90 Minutes After Eating Cookie

Alex, a 15-year-old teen dies an hour and a half after eating a cookie. Parents are always happy when their children get foods that are safe to eat and make them happy. But in recent years, the quality of the things we use or the food we consume has decreased, making their use dangerous. The teenage girl died and her parents were very sad.

teen dies

The girl was allergic to peanuts and throughout her life, she was careful not to eat foods that contained peanuts in their composition. Everything happened at the house of a friend of hers. She was having fun and spending time with her friend. The 15-year-old decided to eat the cookies her friend gave her. She knew these cookies because she had eaten them before.

teen dies

But in fact, these cookies had a different product and contained peanut butter. She thought she was eating the cookie she always ate, but she was wrong. First, she started having pain in her mouth and immediately ran home. At that moment she went into anaphylactic shock. The parents were scared and rushed to the hospital.

teen dies

The girl was not breathing properly and the doctors tried hard to improve her condition. The girl died 90 minutes after eating the cookie. She had not noticed that it was written on the package that this was a product containing peanuts. The girl’s mother made a post on Facebook sharing her pain with friends and relatives.

She also calls on food factories to make the packaging more distinctive, when the products contain ingredients that cause allergies. Alex’s death saddened everyone, but especially her parents.

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