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She Was Uncertain About How Many Children She Would Have Because Of How Big Her Belly Had Grown During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate and beautiful moments of a woman’s life. The moment she becomes a mother is very special and gives the woman an otherwise indescribable feeling. This woman was pregnant and enjoying this golden period of her life.

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But her belly was very big and this made the woman suspicious. She thought she could have more than one child. La Queena Hunter Grover thought that this increase in the belly could be caused by the possibility of having twins.

But the doctors had taken away this possibility. She did several ultrasounds and realized that she would only have one child. However, even though many doctors assured her that something like this would not happen, she was not convinced. She thought that the doctor had not properly seen the second baby because he might have been hiding.

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When it came time to give birth, everyone was curious about what would happen. The mother gave birth to only one child who was very healthy and did not have any extra kilos.

The child weighed 6.4 kilograms and was 60 cm tall. But as the days go by, her child grows very fast and she has to use clothes bigger than the child’s age.

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