She says, ‘I had No Clue That Was A Symptom.’ ‘Incredibly Painful,’ Ellen DeGeneres Admits

Ellen DeGeneres’ popular entertaining show has ended after 19 seasons and everyone is missing the emotions that this program gives. Ellen recently revealed that the consequences of COVID-19 have had a great impact on her health.

After a very difficult period, her health improved, but now she feels severe pain in her back that occasionally worsens. She spoke about this delicate topic and described her experience with Covid-19.

Although back pain is one of the symptoms that is not mentioned as much, many people report that they have felt back pain after having passed through COVID-19. Ellen consulted with the doctors and they told her that these pains are related to the impact that the virus left on her muscles. Ellen gave herself the courage to continue the series of her show and brought this show to the fans, every night.

In the show, she has invited different famous and successful people. We will miss this entertaining show along with the smiles it brought to our families. A series that will be forgotten for a long time is that of April 20. Smiles and lots of emotions, this show had everything. Ellen talked more about her health concern that started after she was infected with COVID-19.

This symptom was not common for this virus, but it had given her a lot of discomforts and she did not feel well.
But she said that it was not only because many of her friends have shown that they were going through the same symptom.

“Who would have thought?” Billie Joe asked during the April 20 episode to make the conversation even more entertaining, while Ellie talked more about her emotions and health. COVID-19 causes muscle aches, fever, or muscle fatigue. Not a few, but about 30% of infected people say that they have felt great back pain during COVID-19.

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