Several People From A Small Town In The Netherlands Called The Police After Noticing Something Extremely Strange At The House Of Nearby Neighbors

The neighbors realized that something strange was happening in their neighborhood and immediately informed the police. On these cold days in Holland, the snow does not stop falling, the bottom of one house was not covered by snow and this was suspected.

So the neighbors decided to call the police to tell them that something was going wrong in this house. Even people suspected that something criminal was hiding in their neighbor’s house.

Even though the temperatures were very low and it was snowing a lot, the floor of the neighbor’s house did not hold a single piece of snow. The police immediately went to see what was happening and what they discovered was terrible. He had started a cannabis business at home and the place was very warm.

Cannabis growers had prepared the necessary conditions needed to grow the cannabis plant. For this reason, the high temperatures in the house did not allow snow to freeze on the roof.

The police discovered a cannabis distribution organization and stopped them. Cannabis growers will be sentenced to several years in prison due to the illegal cultivation of cannabis in large quantities.

Although in Holland it is permissible to cultivate cannabis, the rule determines that it is permissible to cultivate up to 5 plants. But these cannabis growers will be punished for this.

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