Sean Hannity Gets ‘Caught In The Act’ When He Thought It Was Commercial Break

During a live broadcast on Fox News, host Sean Hannity was caught on camera vaping after a commercial break. Hannity was unaware that the cameras had resumed filming and was caught off guard by someone on set who got his attention. He quickly removed the vape from his mouth and cast it aside, but the incident was already caught on camera.

Hannity’s colleague Laura Ingraham teased him about the incident, calling it “cute” and saying that these little moments make up the real Hannity. Ingraham also joked about her own on-camera moment, taking a sip from her water bottle and pretending to be surprised by the cameras.

The incident quickly went viral on social media, with some viewers comparing it to a similar incident involving Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, who was caught on camera joking about peeing in a bottle during a commercial break.

Despite the attention the incident received, Hannity did not comment on the incident publicly. The incident served as a reminder that even experienced television hosts can make mistakes, and that these moments can often be the most memorable for viewers.

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