Savannah Chrisley Shares the Letter She Received From Her Mom in Prison

In a recent update, Savannah Chrisley shared the heartbreaking news that her parents, Todd and Julie, have not spoken to each other since they entered their respective prisons. During an episode of her podcast, Savannah revealed that she has received numerous letters from her mother over the past four months, shedding light on her experiences behind bars. Savannah expressed her intention to share the entirety of these letters someday, as her mother remains fearful and scared in prison.

Reading her mother’s letters has been an emotional experience for Savannah, as they highlight her mother’s worries, anxieties, and the thoughts that consume her mind. One recurring theme in Julie’s letters is her disbelief that Savannah’s life has been put on hold due to their circumstances. Savannah lamented the absence of her father by her mother’s side, emphasizing that it has been the most difficult aspect for both of them.

Despite her challenging situation, Julie is making an effort to stay occupied and busy in prison. She takes classes and engages in various activities, doing everything she can to cope with her circumstances. However, Savannah believes that her mother is not fully transparent in her letters, suspecting that Julie is shielding them from many things, as she often takes charge and tackles tasks without hesitation.

Savannah acknowledged that Todd has adjusted relatively well to life in prison compared to Julie. Her mother tends to keep to herself, and they have limited interactions during visitation. Both Todd and Julie are serving sentences in federal prison, and Savannah expressed frustration over the hateful comments they receive on social media, finding it baffling that people can be so cruel.

The separation has been particularly challenging for Julie and Todd, who have been together for nearly 30 years. Savannah revealed that her mother often expresses in her letters how much she misses her father, but they are not allowed to communicate with each other. As they approach the four-month mark since their separation, Savannah reflects on how drastically their lives have changed and how difficult it has been for them not to speak every day.

The Chrisley family is enduring a new normal, coping with the hardships of having their parents in prison and the negativity they face from others. Savannah remains hopeful that one day her parents will be able to reunite and rebuild their lives together.

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