Sad News About The Beloved Singer Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper is a beloved singer who drew a lot of fans of her music. Cyndi was so powerful against her psoriasis.

Cyndi is a Hollywood icon known for her style and her ethereal aesthetic.

Lauper had really some health issues in her life but she attended concerts and tours despite that.

She had a psoriasis diagnosis in 2010 in which her itchy joints scalps and scaly areas are in a skin condition psoriasis.

She had really big pain attacks and it got worse. She experienced discomfort all over her body. In 2015 she was affected further by psoriasis.

She had it way more difficult to work and stopped singing for a while. Cindy had several herbal treatments and things were getting worse for her.

So the health issues destroyed her social confidence and her songs expressed the need to live the moment.

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