Sad News About Brad Pitt. The Announcement Was Made By Himself

In some interviews Brad Pitt has admitted that he suffers from prosopagnosia, a rare neurological disorder also known as “facial blindness.”

Bonakdarpour, a neurologist at Northwestern Medicine says that face blindness is a symptom of prosopagnosia.
Experts say that there is no connection between the illness and memory loss or vision problems.

This illness is different from one person to the other. Some people may have problems identifying familiar faces, relatives one, and other people might have problems identifying their own reflection.

Other people have problems distinguishing between faces and objects. People with prosopagnosia may have high levels of anxiety, depression due to loneliness or fear they have.

They are expected to cancel family contact because they might not recognise their face. Brad Pitt has admitted that he stays home because of these symptoms. People who suffer from prosopagnosia or are born with it or have acquired it.

Experts say this illness may run in families. Doctors do not understand what causes this illness because there are no brain lesions on persons that suffer from it.

People who have developed this illness later have brain abnormalities brought on by head injury or trauma.

This kind of illness is untratible according to experts. People who suffer try to recognise them by physical characteristics like voice, or hair color.

One of many difficulties Brad is discussing and other issues are not unknown for people who suffer from it as experts say.

He also says that this illness can be so tiring for people and it can be difficult for people who do not suffer from it to understand what is living with it. It is not an easy illness but we hope Brad Pitt feels good.

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