Arnold Schwarzenegger Pays Emotional Tribute As ‘Best Friend’ Franco Columbu Dies

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared with the public the last dedication for his best friend Franco Columbo who passed away. He and Franko have participated in many films together and have been close friends.

One of the most popular films of the duo is Terminator. Arnold expressed his emotions for Franko, whom he loved very much. The well-known actor called Franko “my partner in crime”. His friend died at the age of 78.

The actor passed away in Sardinia and the cause of death was a disease he got while swimming in the ocean. Arnold and Franco were close friends for many years and he wanted to honor his friend during the tributes.

The actor said he felt very bad, but he was happy that a big part of his life had been spent with Franco. “We have been friends for about 54 years and were partners in crime,” said the actor. He said that they advised each other on different things, at work or in the family. “He is my brother.’

The actor says that they met in 1960 in Germany and started working together. Then they moved to the USA because of their weightlifting career, which had just started. Joe Weider said he wanted to train Arnold and Franko because he saw a bright future in them.

Franco was also the person who find the name of Arnold’s daughter and was a part of his family. The actor says that he misses him a lot, but he is happy that was lucky enough to be his friend. He said that he loved him very much.

“We grew up together. Life taught us many things and we became stronger when we moved to the USA. My life was more beautiful with you my friend. You will always be missed by our family.”

The actor says that Franko was also very good friends with his children. They were very sad when they received the news of the death of Franco Columbo. “I love you, Franco. I will always remember the joy you brought into my life.”

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