Rich Schoolboy Notices His Teacher Visits Abandoned House after Class and Decides to Follow Hee

This is the story of a rich schoolboy named Justin who had a white heart and was kind. From his story, we get a wonderful message about the way we should see things. Justin’s parents lost their lives in a helicopter accident and his grandmother Eve had to take care of him.

The life of the rich schoolboy changed after the death of his parents. He was more confused than he was at his age, and the reason for this could be his way of life with his grandmother.

Justin Greenwood learned a lot from his parents and his grandmother. Eve taught Justin to be kind and charitable. She also told him how to be a good child and take care of the people around him. Well, something was wrong. He was not as calm as he was with his parents. His grandmother had a very big concern that was important to her.

She did not want her grandson to mix with people of the lower class. She had taught Justin that they were rich and had the opportunity to do everything. Therefore, they should not lower their standard of living by associating with poor people who do not have good economic opportunities. He was used to having everything ready. Even the school where he studied was expensive and rich children studied there.

But Justin’s parents had studied and met in this school. Eve often advised Justin not to hang out with the poor kids who were studying on scholarships at school. She even once complained to the directorate for children with scholarships, but the complaint was not taken into account. The concern she had about this was greater than you might think.

After some time passed, Justin started to make some decisions on his own. However, he constantly ordered Eve to stay away from the poor children at school. He used to take the bus to go to school and on the bus, he met some boys and girls who were studying with scholarships. They were good and educated children.

One day, Justin noticed that his favorite teacher, Miss Watkins, was not coming home after school. This made Justin curious and he decided to follow him. Later he realized that his English teacher was giving food to a homeless man in an abandoned house. This made an impression on the boy and he decided to follow his teacher every day. After realizing that the teacher always went to the mysterious man, he became even more curious. One day, the school principal called the teacher to a meeting after the lesson.

So she became worried about the mysterious man. Justin decided to make some sandwiches with yogurt and sausage, and milk. When he went to the abandoned house he met Kyle Borden and they ate together. After a while, Justin learned that he was his parents’ English teacher from the same school. He decided to go again tomorrow.

When Miss Watkins learned this she was afraid that Eve would find out and told him not to come. After talking for a long time, Justin realized that his grandmother had not agreed that Miss Watkins should study in that school and Mr. Kyle had protected her. That’s why she takes care of him even today.
After this event, Justin ran home and told his grandmother that he knew everything about this event.

Also, she had cast a shadow over the image of Mr. Kyle, and today, because of her, he had neither a job nor a home. Eve felt guilty for this and the next day she went to school to ask for forgiveness. She did everything to improve her mistakes.

He even provided a house for Mr. Kyle and donated scholarships for poor children. The message of this story is that children can change many things with their honest and innocent hearts.

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