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Prince Harry Now Has A Big Condition From King Charles

According to the latest news, some fundamental changes seem to be taking place in the royal family. One of these is the elimination of the least important members of the family. This has spread debate and disagreements in the family. All these changes began after the death of Queen Elizabeth. One of the most talked about members of the family is Prince Harry.

Everyone is curious about the fate of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their relationship with the family has severed a few years ago when the prince married Meghan. They decide to give up their royal responsibilities and live with their children in California. So, after the queen’s death, everyone is sure that something could change in the relationship between prince harry and the royal family.

But apparently, the event is more difficult than it is said. Prince Harry can join the royal family only if he is separated from Meghan Markle. This shocking condition is the only way for the relationship between the prince and the royal family to improve.

Charles will accept Prince Harry joining the family, only on this condition.

Recently, everyone is trying to fix their relationship with the royal family, and Meghan did this too. She tried to build a bridge of communication between her and the king.

But their relationship will deteriorate even more after the last statements and conditions of the royal family. Therefore, apart from Meghan Markle, it is thought that even Prince Andrew will not be part of the monarchy.

Recently, everyone has their eyes on King Carlos III, who may be the only one who will influence the union of Harry and Meghan with the royal family. Also, Harry must join the royal family because the decision of his departure is not liked even by the Americans.

It can be suggested to separate the couple and each of them return to their previous jobs. According to sources, the prince will be welcomed if he makes his decision to separate from Meghan.

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