Pregnant Wife Poses For Beautiful Pic, Then Husband Looks Closer And Screams

Dan Mozer and his pregnant wife, Angelina, decided to take some maternity photos at the Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Dan had requested Angelina to pose with the ocean in the background. While Angelina was posing for the camera, a dolphin suddenly leaped out of the water in the background. Dan quickly snapped the picture, capturing the perfect moment with the dolphin in the backdrop and Angelina’s growing baby bump in the foreground.

Dan was surprised and amazed by the photo he had captured. He revealed that he was aware of the dolphins’ presence in the area, but he never expected to capture such a beautiful shot. Dan and Angelina credited their son, Courtland, for the picture. They joked that Courtland summoned the dolphin from his mother’s belly.

The photo was widely appreciated by people across the internet, who praised Dan’s timing and the beauty of the moment he captured. Despite suggestions to change their son’s name to Dolph Finn, the couple decided against it.

The photograph serves as a beautiful memory for Dan and Angelina to cherish forever. They can always look back at the photo and remember the days leading up to the birth of their beloved son, Courtland. The photo is a reminder that even the most unexpected moments can create cherished memories.

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