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Police Are Called On Boy Selling Ice Cold Beer But His Cleverness Has Them Chuckling

Children sometimes work because they want to help their families. Their economic situation makes life more difficult and for this reason, they try to help their family. But it is strange to say that children are also excellent businessmen and this is the case of the 11-year-old who surprised everyone with his genius idea of selling ice-cold beer.

Seth had written on a sign that he kept close to him, “cold beer”. Neighbors, knowing his age, immediately notified the police.

The police realized that the boy was very smart and that he would soon enter the business world. Since young people are tireless, they work more willingly and give their best. This was also the case with Seth, who never got tired of the work he did. Furthermore, he was always thinking of new sales methods and strategies to attract customers.

The news of Seth’s talent ‘selling ice cold beer’ spread throughout his neighborhood.

He had set up a stand on the side of the road and was selling soft drinks. But on the board next to him, he had written cold beer. This surprised the neighbors and they informed the police.

The police went to the area to investigate the incident. But when the police arrived in the neighborhood, there was something that made them laugh. The boy was not selling beer and the situation became very comical. The boy was selling “ROOT” and the police realized that he was not selling alcohol. He wasn’t even cheating the customers.

According to them, this was a good business idea and they told the little boy that he would become a successful businessman. After the event was shared on social media, everyone started commenting on the boy and his marketing idea.

Everyone complimented him saying that he would become a successful businessman one day. Even the man who called the police was embarrassed. In addition, the policies are taken from a bottle of “beer” to support his business idea.

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