Pauley Perrette Who Played Abby On “NCIS” Left The Show In 2018 – This Is The Reason Why

Pauly Perrette is known for her role in the popular series NCIS. In 2018, she left the show leaving everyone surprised. She had won the hearts of many fans during this period and they remain shocked when they hear the news of Abby’s departure. Perrette took part in action, crime, drama and adventure series. She loved the work she did and felt good playing her role in this kind of genre.

She has been part of this series for a long time. She really liked this role, but she had to leave. We can safely say that one of the most important roles in the series was the Forensic Scientist. Abby has been on the show for about 15 years and played the role of a scientist who studied murder and crime cases.

Perrette found himself very involved in the series and the decision to leave was difficult. She lived for four years in Georgia. Her family moved to other states and her life changed. In the place where she started her new life, she faced a new crime situation.

Children were killed and women were trafficked. Perrette became passionate about the field of investigations and this pushed him to become even more involved in the role. She was an excellent student and graduated from the John Jay School of Criminal Sciences.

During this period, Perrette studied and worked as a waitress. One day she heard at her workplace, someone was looking for a worker to shoot a commercial and the salary was 3000 dollars. That’s how everything started. She was also convinced that she could be an excellent actress. Perrette thought that her school would help her understand people’s characters even better.

NCIS was the start of it all. She became famous immediately and the series gained a lot of popularity. The main role of the film was Abby, a woman with a strong and courageous character. According to the news, she left the show due to the breakdown of her relationship with Mark Harmon.

He brought his dog to the set and once the dog became aggressive and attacked one of the staff members. This became commonplace and disturbing. She made a decision and left, greeting everyone on Twitter.

Many people write that the series has no meaning without Abby. Then she continued her life. Perrette has also helped women who want to continue their studies in criminal law, offering them scholarships.

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