Pat Boone’s Bad News

Pat Boone has announced that he will play his last concert in Southern California. The career of singer Boone will end not far from the place where he has lived for 60 years. He said that this will be a wonderful show because it will be one of his last performances.

He says that it won’t be easy for him if he continues to perform, because his health has deteriorated and he is starting to age. The 87-year-old artist has dedicated his entire life to music.

Besides being a talented artist, Boone was also a good man. He and his wife have spent 65 years of marriage together and Boone said it was painful for him when Shirley passed away.

Pat says that he experienced the most beautiful emotions with his wife in their home in Beverly Hills. He says that he is touched from time to time when he looks at her photos and remembers the beautiful moments they spent together. This period has been difficult for him.

He says that this period has stressed him a lot and his hair has fallen out. The well-known singer also suffers from another disease and suffered a stroke. He is known for his rock and roll songs, some of which will be part of his last performance.

Pat also reveals that he will perform a song he wrote for Shirley, “You and Me.” Boone says that his wife told him that their marriage was not allowed in heaven, so they would do it according to the Bible.

Boone is a talented artist who has had an amazing career in music. He says that he has written many songs and dedicated an album to his friend Elvis Presley. The album called “Guess who?” has won many hearts. Boone is devoting time to his book and tennis. In addition, he is trying to do good work to help people.

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