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On A Very Cold Night, A Rich Man Outside Met A Homeless Old Man

This is an inspiring story that has touched many hearts, no matter how many times it is talked about. Everyone knows that during the winter, many homeless people have to face difficult weather conditions and sleep outside even on the coldest days.

A poor old man was homeless and had no warm place to stay. One day, a man who looked rich and had a lot of money passed by him.

He asked the clean old man if he was cold. The millionaire was surprised that the man did not wear warm clothes on those cold days. The old man told him that it is very cold, but now he is used to it. It was difficult for him to live such a life, but he did not have a home or warm clothes.

The millionaire was surprised by this answer and decided to help the old man. He wanted to do something so that the old man would not be cold on snowy and rainy nights. The old man seemed to be very happy with this promise of the man.
He was looking forward to wearing something warm.

The rich man went home to get something warm for the old man, but doing something else, he forgot the word he had given the old man. The next day, the millionaire found out that the old homeless man had died of a cold.

This made the man very sad, he also found a note that the old man had left for him.
He decided to read the note but was very moved by the message that the old man had left for him.

“I was used to living outside when it was very cold even though I didn’t have warm clothes. I was trained and had strength. But after you promised to bring me something warm, I got attached to your promise and lost all my strength.”

The man was very touched by this letter and felt guilty. Therefore, we should never make promises that we cannot keep because people can connect to these promises, which can affect their lives.

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