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Girl Abandoned By Parents For Her Looks Wants To Prove The World Wrong – Now She Models For Vogue

Xueli Abbing was abandoned by her parents in an orphanage. Now she is a successful model and she is only 16 years old. Parental care is very necessary for children. Everyone needs family and the atmosphere when the house is filled with love. For Xueli, the period of growth has not been so easy. She was left in an orphanage by her parents because she looked “strange”.

As her new life just began, the orphanage staff decided to name the girl Xueli, which comes from the combination of the word Xue and Li. So the name of the beautiful girl means, snow white, beautiful. Xueli is truly unique. She was born with albinism, which is the result of a genetic disorder. Albiznmi has influenced the color of Xueli’s hair, skin, and eyebrows.

Xueli spent an important part of her childhood in an orphanage. Then she was adopted by a Dutch family. Her new family was very loving and careful with the girl. She was a beautiful child and everyone noticed that. A designer asked the girl to join a fashion show and this was a request that no one could refuse.

Albinism affects the physical appearance of people who have it. This genetic disorder makes the hair and the color of the eyes lighter. Many individuals with albinism have been bullied and had difficulty fitting into society. Xueli says that she too has faced these concerns. But she feels good about herself and her family.

Today she is a model for Vogue. She is very happy that she is starting to be successful. These emotions are very important to her.
Xueli has spoken more about herself and albinism. She feels bad that many children cannot experience this change in their physique well. But she wants to be an inspiring example for everyone.

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