Officer Orders Woman To Pop The Trunk, Has No Clue That She Was Recording Everything

No one likes being pulled over by the police. I guess it has happened to all of us to feel super anxious when we see the blue lights behind us. Usually what happens is that we have to pay a fine but not always. In this article, we will see what happened to a woman when she was pulled over by the police.

The woman is Chy-Niece. That day she was going to have a job interview. The cops asked her to pull over but she was within the speed limit and couldn’t figure out why they stopped her.

She prepared to give them her license and registration but was shocked when they told her what they stopped her for. The officer informed her that one of her brake lights was out and that she needed to get that fixed. But she had just changed them one month ago.

She explained that the lights couldn’t have broken in just a month and that Firestone would make her pay $600 only for a quick test regarding the wiring of the car.

This is when the police officer stepped out of his role as a police officer and became a mechanic. He asked her to pop the trunk and checked the lights. ‘

He wanted to make sure that Chy-Niece was right and did not give her a ticket. This whole scene was recorded by Chy-Niece who then shared it on her social media saying how much she appreciated his help and kindness. Share your thoughts regarding this article in the comments section on Facebook.

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