Clint Eastwood Almost Ruined Dirty Harry’s Famous Ending

Clint Eastwood almost ruined the ending of Dirty Harry. Eastwood gained a lot of fame in cop movies during the 1970s. He was part of western movies like the Dollars trilogy and Hang ‘Em High. However, this genre began to die out and not everyone was interested in this genre as before.

Dirty Harry is an important phenomenon that not only involved Eastwood, but also Newman and Frank Sinatra. In 1973, Magnum Force decided to show that the original was not supporting Harry’s “Dirty” methods. That is why he welcomed Eastwood with his role. Everyone knows that in the original movie, Harry kills the murderer Andrew Robinson.

He did heroism after the killer attacked a school bus with children. At the end of the movie, Harry kills the killer and throws his distinctive away. But apparently Eastwood was not happy with this ending. Throwing away the badge at the end of the film is related to Harry’s revolt against the judicial system. For Eastwood, however, the ending was not carefully chosen. According to him, with this action, Harry is leaving his responsibility and does not send a good message.

The directors decided that Harry would express his revolt against the system by giving up his badge. But Eastwood did not want to repeat this scene. However, he decided to finally give up his duties. But apparently everyone else liked the last scene of the movie. Eastwood reproduced the character and decided to give him the same message that Harry gave.

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