Nurse Reveals The Top 5 Regrets Of People Right Before They Died

Career greatly affects our emotions and the way we live our lives. This is proven by individuals who have specialized in different fields and show that their current life suits their career. Nurse Bronnie Ware also says this. The nurse reveals regrets about her patients before they die. These experiences have helped him to see the world from a different perspective.

According to her, a person starts to behave differently when he feels that death is approaching. This has happened in almost all cases. Someone wants to enjoy it, someone is afraid, someone wants to live it to the last second, etc. She made a list of the most frequent regrets that her patients had. This happened when they knew they were going to die and this was something certain.

All those who were going to die wanted to be near their family and loved ones once more. Life is nothing without love. Some feel that they have not expressed their love enough. The nurse says that she has worked for a long time with patients who have had health problems and almost all of them have the same thoughts.

Most people would like to live life for themselves and forget about others. In most cases, this is understood late and many people live their lives taking into account the opinion of others. This means leaving behind their desires and dreams to please others.

Another regret is related to work. Many people wish they had worked less and lived more. They would like to spend more time with their children and not waste their lives working.

Some people wish they were braver. Not everyone finds it easy to express their feelings. Many people would like to have shown what things they didn’t like and not to do the things they didn’t want by being forced. They would like to be honest and give love to people who were really important to them.

Some others would like not to be alone. In addition to the family, society is also a very important element of spiritual peace. Some patients regret having given up their company. Not a few but dozens of patients do not have a single friend by their side during the most difficult period of their lives. This comes as a consequence of the decisions made during life.

Some people would just like to be happy and live life without stress. They would like to be happy without being afraid of anyone and anything. Pretend feelings make people feel like they are happy but no it is not true happiness. Therefore, every person should live life the way he wants without being afraid of anything.

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