Nowadays, People Don’t Know What They Are, But Do You Remember?

Technology is advancing every day and more, but old things are not forgotten because they contain many memories. The life of each of us is becoming easier and at the same time more complicated due to technological development.

Every day we are watching how things change in our lives. At the same time, everyone can see the difference in lifestyle between the previous generations and the new generations. In this article, you will find some items that are not used as much as before but retain important and valuable memories and meanings.

If you are old enough, you have probably heard of or know tiny “coins”. These items were found in almost every home, because before they were used to teach young girls how to sew. They were also used to insert the thread into the eye of the needle.

In every box that held buttons, threads, and needles, there were also tiny “coins”.

Today, these items are not used that much, because other, more efficient things are used to insert the thread into the bosom. But before, mothers and grandmothers kept them carefully.

Spout for oil can opener

These openers were very efficient for opening oil cans or bottles. In the middle of it was a metal triangle that helped to open drinks.

Church keys

Now it may seem strange, but these items were also used to open bottles of soft drinks.

Record adapters

These cool tools were used when you put the wrong size record on your turntable.

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