Nicole Kidman Worried Fans With Her Recent Appearance

Nicole Kidman shined at the 95th Academy Awards. She was attractive as always and got everyone’s attention with her outfit and hair. The famous actress entered the red carpet of the Oscar Awards ceremony, together with Keith Urban. She looked very energetic, beautiful, and sexy. Nicole and her husband attract the attention of the cameras and the public by walking again on the red carpet together.

They have participated in the Oscars together for 16 years and this time they look very happy. The actress wore a black dress by Giorgio Armani. Everyone commented on her attractive dress. She even posted some photos on her Instagram profile before the show for her fans and they remain amazed by the beauty of the dress.

Nicole Kidman was wearing a thigh-length dress and her body looked very beautiful. She received many comments on her post on Instagram where her fans were in love with the look of the actress. She graced the Oscars stage to receive her 2003 award for Best Actress in The Hours.

The actress’s husband, who is still very much in love with Nicole, also received attention. The actress was photographed at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills with a classic yet modern outfit. She wore a blue dress with a black tulle skirt and a sports jacket to complete her outfit.

She was a real bombshell. The photos on her Instagram look perfect and the actress is apparently in her best shape. Fans immediately started commenting on Nicole’s outfit using hashtags like “wonderful”, and “star of the night”.

But not everyone sees the actress as an icon of beautiful clothing. Some saw her outfit as provocative and even many people commented on her body. In the comments, you find words like “malnourished” or “terrible clothing”.

This is not the first time that fans have negative comments about the actress’ clothing. According to them, she often exaggerates her clothing. Although she is very happy with her life and her body, people criticize her for the fact that she is skinny.

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