‘NCIS’s Brian Dietzen had a stroke that almost killed him, but he was saved by his watch

Brian Dietzen, best known for his role as Jimmy Palmer on the popular television series NCIS, has had a remarkable career in acting. Born in Barrington, Illinois, on November 14, 1977, Dietzen discovered his passion for acting at a young age. He participated in school plays throughout his childhood and continued to pursue his love for performing in high school and college.

Dietzen attended the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied acting and received a BFA. During this time, he also developed an interest in writing and began exploring scriptwriting as an extension of his acting career. In 2012, his film “Congratulations” gained recognition at various film festivals, earning him Best Feature honors.

Before his breakthrough on NCIS, Dietzen had appeared in several supporting roles in television shows and movies. In 2004, he landed a cameo appearance on NCIS as Jimmy Palmer, the assistant to the medical examiner. His performance impressed the producers, and he was invited back for more episodes. What was initially supposed to be a guest role turned into a long-term commitment.

Over the years, Dietzen became a series regular on NCIS and appeared in over 330 episodes. The show’s immense popularity made it a global hit, with licenses in more than 200 countries. Dietzen’s portrayal of Jimmy Palmer earned him a dedicated fan base and recognition from the entertainment industry.

However, Dietzen faced a health scare when he suffered a stroke. Fortunately, his Apple Watch played a crucial role in saving his life. Unable to use his hands, he used voice commands to call for help and was rushed to the hospital. After evaluating his life during an MRI, he experienced a positive shift and regained movement in his hands and tongue. Further medical examination revealed a hole in his heart that required surgery, which he successfully underwent.

Following his recovery, Dietzen reflected on his life and career. He questioned how he wanted to make an impact on the world and decided to continue telling great stories while surrounded by the supportive NCIS cast and crew. He realized that he could still pursue his passion and explore new opportunities while staying on the show.

Fans of NCIS can look forward to seeing Brian Dietzen in future episodes, as he has returned to work and is grateful for the chance to continue his role as Jimmy Palmer.

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