My Partner’s Relatives Declined To Include Me In a Vacation, And I Discovered An Ideal Retaliation

The woman, let’s call her OP, had been dating her partner, Nick, for nearly four years. They had a good relationship with Nick’s family, spending holidays together and exchanging gifts.

However, she realized they weren’t as close as she thought when she wasn’t invited on their yearly family vacation, despite offering to pay her own way.

Feeling hurt and confused, OP discussed it with Nick, who dismissed her feelings, saying she wasn’t the only one left out. Despite this, Nick’s family went on the trip without her.

Later, OP decided to host Nick’s family for dinner, preparing her special chili recipe passed down in her family. When Nick’s mom asked for the recipe, OP refused, stating it was a family secret and reminding her that according to her, they weren’t family.

This caused tension, and Nick was upset with OP for standing up to his mom. OP, however, believed she had the right to withhold the recipe from someone who didn’t consider her family. Redditors supported her, criticizing Nick’s family for not accepting her after four years.

Some Redditors suggested OP reconsider her relationship with Nick, noting his lack of support and his family’s attitude towards her. They advised seeking couples counseling to address the underlying issues if Nick refused to stand up for her.

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