Am I Wrong For Banning My Mom From My Wedding After What She Did To My Fiancee At Family Dinner?

A 25-year-old man shared his story on Reddit about his family feud leading to him banning his mom from his wedding. He met Maya in Norway while studying at 19 and fell in love with her. When they got engaged, they traveled to the US to share the news with his family.

At a family dinner hosted by his aunt, OP’s mom and two aunts gave Maya angry stares, deeming her unworthy of him though they’d never met her. Throughout the night, they made Maya uncomfortable with their behavior and rude comments, causing her to cry when his mom insulted her during a toast.

Feeling hurt for Maya and fed up with his mom’s behavior, OP decided to uninvite his mom and aunts from the wedding, declaring his love and support for Maya. Despite familial disapproval, OP stood by his decision, with only his sister supporting him.

OP’s father wanted to attend the wedding but feared his wife’s reaction. Many relatives pressured OP to reconsider, but he remained firm. Eventually, OP and Maya married in Norway, with Redditors supporting his decision, affirming he wasn’t wrong for standing up for Maya against his mom’s disrespect.

Fellow Redditors praised OP for supporting Maya and encouraged him to stand by his decision, emphasizing the importance of supporting one’s partner. They empathized with Maya’s position and hoped the situation could be resolved between OP and his bride.

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