My Partner Learned I Rent Out the House My Dad Gifted Me & Demands 50 Percent of the Money

An 18-year-old woman found herself entangled in a relationship dilemma when her boyfriend, unaware of her property ownership, demanded a share of her rental income. Gifted a two-story home by her father, she transformed the lower floor into a rental space, charging $500 while residing on the second floor.

Living together for three months, the boyfriend remained oblivious to her landlord status. Their arrangement included splitting grocery costs, but she refrained from disclosing her property ownership, deeming it insignificant. Trouble brewed when her tenant reported a malfunctioning freezer, leading to a revealing conversation about her landlord role.

Upon learning the truth, the boyfriend was furious, accusing her of deception and demanding 50% of her rental earnings. He asserted that landlords were solely motivated by money, expressing disbelief in being in a relationship with one. The woman, asserting the fairness of her rent given the location, declined his request, prompting an intense argument.

The boyfriend berated her, deeming her actions evil, and insisted on a portion of her income. In response, the woman, contemplating the unreasonable demand, chose to end the relationship. Seeking support on Reddit, users sided with her, even suggesting a change of locks to safeguard her property.

As tensions escalated, the boyfriend, fueled by anger, threatened exposure and attempted property damage. Faced with this volatile situation, the woman reached out to her father for support. During their conversation, the boyfriend expressed regret, claimed she was selfish, and threatened to expose her to friends.

In a decisive moment, the woman ended the relationship, prompting her boyfriend to storm out, declaring he never wanted to see them again. Reddit users, empathizing with her plight, applauded her decision and recommended precautionary measures. The story unfolded as a tale of deception, conflict, and ultimately, the woman’s firm stance against unreasonable demands, culminating in the end of a tumultuous relationship.

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