My Brother Thinks I’m Free Babysitter to His 3 Kids, Constantly Ruins My Plans

A 23-year-old woman shared a story on Reddit about her brother’s habit of leaving his three kids with her without prior notice. Frustrated by his disregard for her plans, she threatened to call the police when he insisted on dropping off the children unannounced. Ignoring her warning, he left the kids at her door, leading her to fulfill her threat.

The sister promptly called the police, and the children were taken into Child Protective Services’ custody. Her brother and his wife faced serious charges, losing custody of their kids. Despite feeling guilty, the woman stood by her decision, emphasizing the need for her brother to respect her time and communicate better.

The family’s response was mixed; her grandfather supported her, but the rest blamed her for breaking up the family. However, commenters on Reddit overwhelmingly supported her actions, highlighting that her brother’s loss of custody likely stemmed from more than one mistake. They commended her for warning him about involving the police and saw her as a responsible guardian for prioritizing the children’s well-being.

In the aftermath, her brother criticized her for ruining his family, but the woman remained firm in her belief that she had taken the right steps. She later agreed to become the legal guardian of her niece and nephews, embracing the responsibility. The Reddit community reassured her that she did the right thing and emphasized the importance of her brother learning from his mistakes.

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