Mourning Mom Sells Stillborn Baby’s Crib For $2, A Week Later, Buyer Returns It Transformed

It is one of the best feelings in the world to expect a baby. Just when you think about the happy moments that the birth of your child brings, it causes excitement in parents to be. 

Valerie Watts, a mother-to-be was looking forward to seeing her baby’s face, but her heart was crushed when she gave birth to a boy. 

Everything changed at the last moment, as her pregnancy was developing great the whole time. The baby wasn’t moving as much.

His umbilical cord become pinched in the womb, and this ended his life. She was very sad. Valerie didn’t want to part with the things she bought for her little boy. 

She was hesitant, but later she decided to sell the crib. Kumpula saw the crib on sale and was interested in buying it. 

He didn’t know the story behind the crib and asked how old Valerie’s son was. She told them that he passed away.

Kumpulas got the crib and transformed it and decided to return it back. It made everyone cry. He made a bench out of the crib to remind them of the sad times and as a comforting symbol for the parents.

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